The historic residence of the royal priest was built over 150 years ago. It was on the verge of collapse and took over 6 years to restore. The renovation was done with the skills of locals and the methods of their ancestors.

The house was refurbished such that the richness of its history can be experienced. Bhojan Griha offers delicious local Newari cuisine. At the same time it promotes different ethnic folk dances and music.

The vast rooms of Bhojan Griha provide dining space for over 250 customers.


Ecological commitment

One aim of restoring Bhojan Griha was to put pressure on the government. Laws to protect old buildings should be introduced in Nepal. The renovation and construction was undertaken with local materials and skill. Local people were employed to maintain traditional building and craft knowledge. 

The restaurant offers visitors a delightful setting to learn more about Nepalís history. At the same time they can experience its remarkably beautiful culture.

Design by Rajesh Kumar Sharma    
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